P.I.R. Automatic Urinal Flusher

PART NO. RE-301(DC)&RE-301AD(AC)

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Water Savings Economy

All units are micro-computer controlled and will self adjust to provide optimum detection zone. The computer also measures both the frequency and duration of use, adjusting the volume of the flushing water accordingly and thereby avoiding waste.


The urinal flushes automatically when a person leaves the detection zone. The "hands free" operation provides an environment where the highest standards of hygiene can be maintained. Furthermore the unit will automatically flush every 24 hours when not in use in order to maintain the odourless water level in the trap.

Low Power Consumption

When fitted with four AA alkaline batteries the unit will continue to operate for approximately two years at 100 cycles per day.


Virtually maintenance free. Simple removal of the cover plate on the control unit provides easy access to batteries and filter.


Control Unit
Sensor plate and sensor plate cover


Model Types

a)  DC
b)  AC/DC

Water Inlet


Water Pressure

0.05 to 0.7MPa

Water Consumption

Average frequency of use: 1.2 to 3 litres.
Low frequency of use: 2 to 4 litres.
If not in use the unit will flush automatically every 24 hours

Power Supply

a)  6V DC (four AA alkaline batteries)
b)  220/250V AC transformed to 6V DC in control unit

Power Consumption

a)  DC less than 0.5mW
b)  AC/DC less than 0.5W


Self adjusts to environment. When in the detection range a red light appears on the sensor. On leaving the detection range the light is extinguished and the urinal flushes with a water volume determined by the micro-computer.


The DC model will operate for approximately 2 years at 100 cycles per day. The batteries should be replaced when the sensor flashes continuously.

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